Hokuriku Labo

Menu of Hokuriku Food Design Labo

Unleash the boundless power of Japan’s “rice and vegetables,” which have supported agriculture since ancient times, and offer a plant-based design that allows people and the Earth to enjoy delicious and healthy living to the fullest. We create products that can be passed on to the next generation with various functionalities tailored to our customers’ needs.

Charcoal powder is pelletized to create a soil conditioner that restores soil to an alkaline state.

We blend rice syrup with charcoal powder, increasing its viscosity and compressing it into pellets using a pelletization device. These pellets can be spread over a wide area using drones or tractors in the field.

From rice syrup, we create a plant-based sugar-free teriyaki sauce

This serves as a natural sweetener (fermented food) alternative to sugar and mirin, creating a healthy and delicious condiment that is good for your body.

Introduction to Hokuriku Food Design Labo

We have a production line for rice syrup and vegi syrup and carry out Direct to Consumer (DtoC) product development, catering to both domestic and international customers. We provide flexible solutions based on our customers’ preferences. For instance, in the United States, our products are utilized as honey alternatives, in Europe for fermented foods, and in Southeast Asia as sugar-free options.


311-2 Koto Kahokugun Tsubatamachi,Ishikawa 929-0328 Japan