We utilize the blessings of the Earth to create food that minimizes waste. We cook and process “Earth Food” such as grains, livestock, and seafood, and provide it to your dining table, without leaving any part unused. We aim to create a future of “ITADAKIMASU(a japanese expression meaning thank you for all life)” that leads to the next generation, contributing to healthy living and the sustainability of local communities, Japan, the world, and the Earth.

Our vision of “PLANET FOOD”

In Japan, many unused food materials are wasted, which is “Mottainai” (a japanese expression meaning ‘wasteful’). Many of them occur in the supply chain due to weather changes and deterioration, or being out of standard. However, some of them are just wasted, even though they have no problem. Our technologies can reduce such food loss/waste, being able to handle wide range of products. Not just fully using the gift of our planet earth, we would also conform to your manufactural standards. We ‘design’ materials to provide “PLANET FOOD” at your dinner table, to your daily lives.

Leave it to KGS!!
We respond to your troubles and concerns like these

For producers and primary industry operators

・Want to sell all crops raised and harvested with care, whole and in their entirety.
・Want people to know more about their unique products and spread the word.
・Want to sell non-standard, surplus, or stock items that don’t fit into regular distribution.
・Want to find a way to utilize immature or damaged products due to natural disasters.
・Want to make use of unused items that manufacturers and buyers won’t take.
・Wondering if there’s a way to avoid waste and disposal costs and find a second use for items.
・Interested in effective utilization of inedible parts (skin, roots, shells, bones, seeds, organs, etc.).
・Want to extend the selling period for open-air and seasonal products to avoid price drops in the market.
・Want to process products for export, as shipping raw items is not feasible.
・Want to process and reduce moisture for export overseas.
・Searching for domestically produced safe and secure biomass materials, feed, and fertilizers.
・Looking for alternatives as feed and fertilizer costs rise.
・Want to reduce stress on livestock and increase the added value of products.
・Want to increase unit prices efficiently without investing heavily in infrastructure.
・Need advice on how to utilize food development and material development knowledge.

For manufacturers and retailers

・Want to effectively utilize by-products generated during processing.
・Considering ways to utilize unused raw materials.
・Searching for domestically produced plant-based or organic materials.
・Looking for new domestically produced food, health food, and clothing material.
・Searching for safe and secure domestically produced biomass materials.
・Want to replace materials with affordable, safe, and secure alternatives.
・Considering the development of all-plant-based products.
・Want to create food products that contribute to health, aligned with medicine and food.
・Interested in finding a way to avoid waste and disposal costs for items that can’t be reused.
・Want to reduce processing costs and increase net profit.
・Want to speed up the development of new products with a variety of options in small batches.
・Want advice on domestic and international distribution channels and marketing.
・Want to explore new possibilities for in-house products and rebranding.
・Since there’s no facility for food and material development in-house, want to work together on prototyping.
・Want to understand the process from material development to product commercialization.
・Want to contribute to SDGs.

Asahikawa Food Design Labo addresses the challenges of the local community through the planning, development, and prototyping of agricultural products.

Hokuriku Food Design Labo proposes new possibilities for plant-based materials worldwide through the use of rice syrup.

Introduction to Byproduct Materials

We also offer byproduct materials, known as “byproduct items,” generated from producers’ manufacturing facilities.
The list of available byproduct materials can be downloaded from the link below.

Here is the Byproduct Materials List.

About Us

Company NameKyoto Grain System Co., LTD.
Company RepresentativeNaokazu Tamiya, President
Paid-in Capital50 million yen
FoundedNovember 1, 1990
EstablishedJuly 22, 1991

Domestic Base in JAPAN

Head Office

Shiseido Kyoto bldg 2F, 480 Kitafudodo-cho Kizuyabashi-kudaru Aburakoji-dori Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 
600-8233 Japan
TEL: + 81-75-353-8833 / Fax: +81-75-353-8837

Nara factory

1224 Oguracho, Nara-shi, Nara 632-0111 Japan
TEL: +81-743-84-0396 / Fax: +81-743-84-0397
FSSC22000 certification / JAS organic certification / The manufacturing license of Food additive / The manufacturing license of pharmaceutical raw materials / Bonded factory (Only one part)
Products:Roasted rice, Roasted barley , Roasted cereals, Soybeans flour,Crisps, Tea powder etc.

Ishikawa factory / PLANET FOOD KITCHEN Hokuriku Labo

311-2 Koto Kahokugun Tsubatamachi,Ishikawa 929-0328 Japan
TEL: +81-76-289-7794 / FAX: +81-76-289-7796
JAS organic certification
Products:Roasted barley

Nagahama factory

2373 Akadani, Odaniteino-cho, Nagahama-city, Shiga 529-0304 Japan
TEL: +81-749-60-0000 / FAX: +81-749-60-0001

Asahikawa factory / PLANET FOOD KITCHEN Asahikawa Labo

517-3 Yonehara, Higasiasahikawa-cho, Asahikawa-city, Hokkaido 078-1273 Japan
TEL:+81-166-76-3000 / FAX:+81-166-76-3001
Hokkaido HACCP (Fine grinding black soybean flour made in Japan) Certified. Certification No.01-00396
International Taste Institute (Organic Brown rice tea KGS)Superior Taste Award
Nippon Kenko Kaigi (Japan Health Council) “Health and Productivity Management Organization 2022” Certified.
Eco Action 21 Certified. Certification No.0012812