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Planet food kitchen Asahikawa Labo

“In addition to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) for grains (rice, barley, wheat, beans), seafood (fish, shellfish, seaweed), livestock products (beef, pork, chicken, game), vegetables, and fruits, we also offer suggestions for the sale of raw materials and promotion of original products

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Menu of Asahikawa Labo

Our technologies can save not only edible and no-standard materials, but also what was supposed to be wasted (such as peels, roots, leaves, stems, bones, shells etc.).We support sustainable lifestyle by contributing to long-life foods.

Using broccoli stems to make functional noodles

Powdering broccoli stems that were disposed of when harvesting. Adding to noodles as plant protein which can be expected as being more functional (high amino acid score, low sugar, low calories).

Pumpkin is an addictive snack for pets

Due to its watery and bland taste, the fruit is originally not suitable for eating (the part from which the seeds have been removed). Drying process makes it an additive-free, crunchy luxury item that is good for your body.

<Luxury goods> 
Sweets made from linseed oil residue

Drying stained lees of linseed oil. Nutritious and toasty cookies are made which includes 20 percent of plant protein, by baking with whole grain flour.

Our facility of Asahikawa Labo

Over 500 prototypes/year are made including both in-house-developed and ordered products.Tests using actual machine is available, for we have processing lines adjustable to various kinds and amount. We can also remodel our machines to meet your standards.Our facility can be renewed flexibly.

We redeveloped and are using former school building of Asahikawa Daiichi Junior High School as our factory.Factory tours, prototype development using actual machines are always welcome.


517-3 Yonehara, Higasiasahikawa-cho, Asahikawa-city, Hokkaido 078-1273 Japan