Menu of Asahikawa Labo

Menu of Asahikawa Food Design Labo

We provide ‘original food designs’ to fully use and long-life whole food. All the process is one-stop, from arranging materials, planning and development, processing, packaging, to shipping. We create products one and only in the world, to meet your needs and standard.

Unripe adlay seedRoasted

Unripe quinoaRoasted

Non-standard burdockRoasted

sweet corn
Dried & roasted

Unused celery leavesDried

Unripe ROKUJO barleyRoasted

Non-standard onionDried

Overstocked green soybeansFreeze-dried

Linseed cookiesRoasted

Butterfly pea / Natural pigment

Our vision of “PLANET FOOD”

In Japan, many unused food materials are wasted, which is “Mottainai” (a japanese expression meaning ‘wasteful’).
Many of them occur in the supply chain due to weather changes and deterioration, or being out of standard.
However, some of them are just wasted, even though they have no problem.
Our technologies can reduce such food loss/waste, being able to handle wide range of products.
Not just fully using the gift of our planet earth, we would also conform to your manufactural standards.
We ‘design’ materials to provide “PLANET FOOD” at your dinner table, to your daily lives.

Our aims for the circulation of abundant resources.

The wave of FoodTech sweeping across the world.
Through the development of delicious and environmentally friendly next-generation Earth Food, we are designing a sustainable future.

We conduct support to create a delicious and joyful cycle where materials are reborn as new values. We engage in daily research and development to discover the future of precious ingredients.

MaterialChef & sommelier recommended nutritionFunctional claimOther functions
Matcha green teaCatechinBMI, body fat, blood glucose level, blood pressure, dental plaqueantioxidant effect, sterilization, antibacterial effect
Theaninesleep, stress, bowel movement improvement, cognitive functionreduce fatigue, drowsiness, nervousness on waking up
GingerPolyphenols 6-gingelol, Polyphenols 6-shogaolcold hands and feet(maintaining peripheral body temperature)promote body heat production
YamGeogeninmaintaining cognitive functionimproves Hyperglycemia/Insulin sensitivity, improve motor function, improve cognitive function, improve menopausal disorder
Stem of Konbu kelpFucoxanthinBMIantioxidant effect, anti-obesity effect, anti-diabetes effect
FucoidanNoneimmune function, inhibit blood clotting, lower cholesterol, suppress increase of blood pressure/blood glucose level
Alginic acidNoneSodium alginate is notified as FOSHU→cholesterol
suppress increase of blood pressure, lower cholesterol, diet effect, preventing arteriosclerosis, improve gastrointestinal condition and soften stool
Red beetsNitric acidlower blood pressureimprove cold sensitivity, improve swelling, improve athletic performance of top athletes worldwide
MaterialChef & sommelier recommended use
Tartary buckwheatbuckwheat flour, tea, puff
Brown rice(Brown rice tea)bottled beverages, flavored material
Yuzu peelbread, flavored tea, chocolates
Sweet potatosnacks, sugar substitue
Matcha green teaice creams, chocolates
MaterialChef & sommelier recommended use
Pufferfish skinfish collagen
Bone of Pike congersoup stock after roasting and drying
Fish meat of Herringfish hamburgs
Sculpinsoup stock after drying
Nori seaweedVitaminB12 material after powdering