Facility of Asahikawa Labo

Our Facility of Asahikawa Food Design Labo

Over 500 prototypes/year are made including both in-house-developed and ordered products.Tests using actual machine is available, for we have processing lines adjustable to various kinds and amount. We can also remodel our machines to meet your standards.Our facility can be renewed flexibly.

We redeveloped and are using former school building of Asahikawa Daiichi Junior High School as our factory.Factory tours, prototype development using actual machines are always welcome.

Facilities of Asahikawa Labo

Office / Testing Room / Library

We test prototypes to check their flavor and texture by eating and drinking, to meet your standards.Interview sheets and samples are stored and managed for each customer, like a library of food materials.

Pasting / Pasting Room

We paste, instant-freeze and pack high-sugar-content and oily raw materials, for they can’t be powdered.

TypeMachine nameParticle size
SmoothComitrolunder 0.5mm
GranularGrinderunder 1mm

Grinding (Rough・Fine・Dry)

We introduce several types of machines with various abilities of grinding and particle sizes. Taste, texture and tactile impression change due to particle size.
It is also possible to measure the sugar content distribution in-house.

TypeMachine nameParticle size
Rotary cutter20mm~3mm
Hammer mill10mm~5mm
GrindingPin mill1mm~0.1mm
Tornadounder 0.1mm
Stone millunder 0.1mm


The type of equipment used depends on the shape of the raw material to be processed. Roasting temperature and time adjust the flavor and aroma.


TypeMachine nameUsage
PowderBatch-style Direct Flame RoastingRoasting spice, powder.
ParticleBatch-style Semi-Direct Flame RoastingBarley tea, Adlay tea
Continuous Direct Flame RoastingTea leaves
Continuous Plate RoastingRoot vegetables

Air shower

Air shower is located at the entrance.After removing dust and hair from the whole body with an adhesive roller, enter the air shower room.
Air is effectively applied to the whole body to ensure that no foreign matter is mixed into the processed products.


We can easily gelatinize grains using steamers.In the case of rice, production of 500kg per day is possible.
With a steamer that uses heated steam, grains can be easily gelatinized.

Removing and sorting of skin

We remove skin from adlay seeds by sorting machine. Coix seed(herbal medicine) is processed by also removing the astringent skin.



We adopt puffing machine using heat shock over 300℃ / 572℉. We adjust the cruchy-ness by changing time and temperature of the process.
Unlike so-called puffed pops or puffs that use an extruder, it is a major feature that it can be puffed while maintaining the shape derived from the raw material.


We use different type of machines according to the shape of raw materials.

Machine typeConditions
Near infrared radiation shelf dryingIrradiating near infrared radiation under 70 ℃ /158℉
Vacuum dryingDrying between 70 ℃ /158℉ ~ 120 ℃ /248℉ under 100MPa decompression
Low temperature/humidity dryingDrying under 70 ℃ /158℉ and low humidity

Allergen processing line

We can remove skin, steam and roast allergen materials such as tartary buckwheat.


Filling and packaging are carried out using methods suitable for the characteristics of each product.

Machine nameUsage
Tetra Pak filling equipmentWe can provide products in tetra-shaped tea bags(into 1g~10g each) with/without strings attached, by using filling machine.
Liquid/powder filling machineWe can pack both liquid and powder products(into 1g~10g each) by changing the machine attachment.