FPH Concept

For Planetary Health

What Planet Food Kitchen Aims
”For Planetary Health”

At Asahikawa Food Design Labo and Hokuriku Food Design Labo, we promote a sustainable and future-oriented lifestyle through design for Whole Food, Whole Eat. Our ‘Open Action Plan’ focuses on extending the lifespan and efficient use of Earth Food resources, such as grains, livestock, and seafood, without waste, benefiting both health and the environment with delicious and sustainable solutions. We rescue not only edible portions and non-standard products but also waste generated from raw materials. We aim to provide a lifestyle that circulates sustainably into the future.

Provision of safe and secure food
・Maintain FSSC22000 certification,
Decrease in number of complaints
Pursuit of Food Possibilities
・Development of various products
Curbing climate change
・Reduce CO2 emissions, Manage and reduce energy
usage, Increase use rate of green products
Contributing to recycling society
・Reduce industrial waste, Use recycled byproducts.
Health and Safety for employee
・Implementation of health management,
Reduce occupational accidents
Local contribution
・Promotion of regional agriculture